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Use Your Mac as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

October 7, 2013

in Technology

If you’ve ever been in a situation where the only form of internet available was ethernet and wanted your mobile devices (phone, tablet etc) to also have an internet connection, the Mac operating system (OS X – in my case “Lion”) allows for what is known as “Internet Sharing”. This feature allows you to share the ethernet connection on your Mac with your mobile devices as if it were a Wi-Fi hotspot – neat!

I write this from my Aunties home office in Italy (Ciao Zia!) where I’m currently living and discovered this awesome little feature that has helped me keep in touch with my lovely girlfriend Leah (hi babe!) as well as friends and family back home in Australia.

Share your Internet Connection over Wi-fi:

  1. Go to “System Preferences” and click on “Sharing”settings-in-mac-osx-lion
  2. You’ll see “Internet Sharing” on the left but don’t click it yet as you’ll need to modify some options first.
  3. Ensure “Share Your Connection From” is set to “Ethernet” and “To Computers Using” is set to “Wi-Fi” (as per the screenshot below).internet-sharing-settings-in-mac-osx-lion
  4. Then, click “Wi-Fi Options” to create the network name and password etc.configure-internet-sharing-network-mac-osx-lion
  5. Tick the “Internet Sharing” box and click “Start” to confirm.start-internet-connection-sharing-mac-osx-lion
  6. Win!successfully-sharing-internet-mac-osx-lion

I’m sure the steps are quite similar in other versions of OS X.

Keep in mind the range isn’t fantastic and it does take a bit more of your system resources but will get you out of trouble should you need to use mobile devices. For me it has been a godsend for my mobile phone and for use of applications such as Whatsapp and Viber to keep in touch with family and friends while travelling. I hope that it does the same for you!

Feature image courtesy of seber on Flickr.

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