Nothin’ but net: Google Chromebook Now Available!

June 16, 2011

in Technology

Google has officially released the “Chromebook” web/cloud-based PC on both Amazon and Best Buy today.

Google’s description of the product:

Chromebooks are built and optimized for the web, where you already spend most of your computing time. So you get a faster, simpler and more secure experience without all the headaches of ordinary computers.

Prices range from $349.99 USD to $499.99 USD and come in either black or white manufactured by either Acer or Samsung.

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook with 3G Capabilities

The top model offering from Samsung/Google also available in white.

Just like the Apple iPad, the more expensive ones work off 3G/Wi-Fi with the cheaper ones needing a Wi-Fi connection to operate. Google are boasting that the system boots in 8 seconds and has an “all-day” battery life and allows you to do anything that the Chrome web browser allows you to do now. That means a rich internet experience with full Adobe Flash and HTML 5 support! For a more comprehensive list of features, see this page.

I myself are keen on grabbing one but I may wait for the price to drop.

What are your thoughts on owning a PC that does nothing but net?

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