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Fix Album Art on Your Samsung Galaxy Device

June 19, 2014

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I’ve known about this issue for a while but it never really bothered me until recently when I started taking public transport and listening to music on my phone quite a bit. As of yesterday I’ve found the solution which im happy to share!

The Issue

What happens is that even after you’ve correctly tagged your mp3 files on your Mac/PC, moving them to the phone and playing them on the default music player mixes up the album artwork resulting in some tracks having artwork from a completely different artist/track which can be extremely frustrating (picture a Beethoven’s 5th Symphony with Britney Spears album art).

The Solution

First of all you need to make sure that the album art is embedded in the file itself not placed as an image in the same folder (it may work but you’re more likely to run into further problems). iTunes and Windows Media Player both have the ability to embed images directly into the ID tags of an mp3 file with ease. See below for a screenshot on this feature inside iTunes (right click on the track you want to edit and click “Get Info” to bring up the ID editor).


iTunes: Make sure you’ve got the correct album art on your tracks! If none exists, click add and follow the prompts.

Secondly (and this is what took some experimenting to figure out!) you need to make sure that the “Album” field of the mp3 file has been updated and is correct. If it is blank the Galaxy S3 will show artwork from a different track/album. See below for a screenshot in iTunes.

iTunes: You need to make sure the "Album" field has been updated and correct.

iTunes: You need to make sure the “Album” field has been updated and correct.


Edit Files in Android

If you’d prefer to edit your mp3 data on your Android device instead of iTunes/Media Player/other software, MP3dit is a free tool available on the Play Store which will do just the trick. It’s a really simple yet powerful tool and will also help you fix the above problems.

EDIT 12/08/2014 – I now own a Galaxy S5 and the same issues exists so I’m assuming its spread across all Galaxy smartphone/tablets. Can confirm this solution works for both the Galaxy S3/S5 phones. Let me know of any others that have the bug and you’ve successfully fixed!

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