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August 24, 2016

in Search Engine Optimisation

I was about to call it a night when I saw this tweet from Alec Bertram:


Naturally, I was pretty keen to get it connected, have a poke around and to learn what was achievable. First, let’s talk about what’s new.

New Reports

In Keyword Planner

As shown in the screenshot above, the below sets of data are available to be added as columns.

  • Organic Impression Share – will be interesting to see data around this as it’s not something we currently have access to.
  • Organic Average Position – imagine this would be the same data from GSC

In AdWords Dimensions

After properly setting up a “Paid and Organic” report, you’ll be able to see the regular paid data such as clicks, CTR average position etc. as well as organic data from Google Search Console:

  • Clicks
  • Queries
  • Clicks/Queries
  • Listings/query
  • Avg Position

A “Combined Ads and Organic” set of data is also available, covering a combination of the two sets of data:

  • Ads and Organic Clicks
  • Ads and Organic Queries
  • Ads and Organic Clicks/Query

How to Set It Up

I found that linking the two together was a very straightforward process, similar to that of linking Google Analytics and Search Console.

  1. Login to AdWords
  2. Navigate to Settings > Linked Accounts
  3. Click “View Details…” under Search Console and follow the prompts. Make sure you’re logged into the same account – multiple acc management can sometimes break things 😉

Full instructions are available here.

Reading the Data

Unfortunately, the way the data is collected is similar to the way that Property Set data only collects when the process is started, so this data isn’t available immediately.

Your organic data is only reported back to the date you started importing it from webmaster tools, so you won’t see historical organic data before you established that link. – Google

After connecting our agency account we were presented with somewhat of a “check back later” message:


Click to Enlarge.


UPDATE 7th September 2016:

Exactly two weeks later and the data still isn’t available! Still being shown the below message:

“You recently linked your Search Console account. Check back in a few weeks to see this data.”


UPDATE 26th September 2016:


It’s been almost a month and am still being told to check back in a few weeks. Has anyone got this to work or is this just a carrot Google is dangling to tease us?!


As with all data, what you get out of it will vary from person to person. I myself however, am pretty excited! For Google to provide a way for us to better understand how paid and organic results work together is great news for marketers.

Oh One Last Thing…

They love pushing AdWords!

“Use the organic results to identify new, potentially valuable keywords.” – Google

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