New Google Update: Expanded Sitelinks!

August 9, 2011

in Search Engine Optimisation

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In my travels today I’ve noticed quite a big change to the way Google are displaying some of the results, specifically those related to brands. What they’re doing, is expanding on the brand name results sitelinks to include mini page descriptions as well as include the URL of the page – as many as 12 of them! Previously Google would only display ~8 sitelinks without the description and visible URLs.

Results when searching for "eBay" today.

Results when searching for "eBay" today - I'm coining the term, "Expanded Sitelinks"!

You can see from the screenshot that I’m signed in, however I did a bit of playing around whilst not signed in and got the same results. Cool eh?

Not sure what to actually call this, but I’m going to go with “Expanded Sitelinks”! Another interesting feature that I’m not sure was present before, is that if I search for “eBay”, then press “ENTER” AFTER the results are displayed, Google will redirect you to the number 1 result! Amazing!

It doesn’t seem like its a permanent change as yet as I’ve seen the results fluctuate a bit today however I believe its a change for the better and hope it stays! When I’m searching for a brand, I only want to see the brand! If I want more specific things like “what is brand”, then I’ll type that and get different results.

As usual, would love to know your thoughts! Drop a comment!

EDIT (10/08/2011): Kavit has pointed out this feature was discovered a few months back by Search Engine Roundtable and they’ve coined the term “Jumbo Sitelinks”. Whilst this change may have been appearing in other locations, the post on this website is relevant to those living in Australia (users of where this feature has only started to be seen yesterday, 9th August 2011.

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