Hello World! C’mon in! The Water’s Fine!

May 13, 2011

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Hello World on Toast!

The most appropriate image I could find for this post – also the tastiest looking food with text “burn-in” I’ve ever seen.

I was going to delete this post and start a new, but seeing as it has the page ID of “1” I think I’ll leave it and have a crack at my first post!

So lets start at the beginning. I’ll introduce myself and at the end, you leave a comment and say hi!

My name is Matthew Forzan and this is my personal website. Previously, it was used as a testing grounds for many SEO experiments that I’ve now moved off to other websites so I can finally use this as my blogging playground! I’ve always had the intent of creating a website for myself but having always wanted to create a WordPress theme myself from scratch, I was hesitant to start. So, to speed things up I decided it was better to start sooner, and customise the theme later. So here we go!

I’ve been online since I was 11 years old and have loved it ever since. I built my first website (about exotic cars – you know, Ferraris, Laborghinis, McLarens etc – all the cars you used to play with as toys as a youngster) when I was 12 using Homestead site builder and managed to get a fairly decent growth rate on my hit counter – oh yeah. Many people were using Geocities at the time but I felt Homestead had more to offer in terms of styling, look and feel. I started dragging and dropping things into the WYSIWYG editor and quickly became frustrated by the limitations of what a drag and drop editor can give you – enter my first HTML experience!

I began to research HTML and figure out how websites actually worked; experimenting with testing grounds and reading many tutorials online. My favourite ones at the time were; Lissa Explains it AllHTML Goodies. Using good ol’ Notepad, I created several websites about various topics which eventually led me to further studies in website design, development, a brief stint in freelancing and now to a career in search engine marketing where I’ve rigorously exercised my brain for almost 3 years. Originally starting off as a programmer/pay-per-click manager, my current role as the Head of SEO at E-Web Marketing is a challenging yet fulfilling one, and an achievement I am quite proud of. I actually struggle to find words to explain the joy I receive waking up in the morning and looking forward to start my day at the office.

Through my travels and experiences I’ve learnt and continue to learn a lot that I have only ever shared with those around me. Now, with this website, I aim to share those discoveries and learnings with you – welcome to my blog.

P.S – here’s where I type a quick disclaimer to let you know that besides talking about educational things that will help you and may even make you smarter, I’ll also post my different thoughts and ramblings on various topics such as marketing, technology, food and life – yes, life.

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