Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium Sydney 2013

July 30, 2013

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I recently attended the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium held at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney and had a fantastic time. Adobe dubbed the event as:

“The premier event for digital marketers to learn and share key strategies for driving market innovation.”

The lineup boasted speakers from large organisations such as SEEK, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Adobe (obviously), Lenovo, Deloitte and many more (there were 30+ speakers at the event!). With such a bold tagline, a fantastic array of big-name companies and speakers I figured it’d be a good idea for me to attend. So, I made ways with my $199, purchased a ticket and set off in search for more digital marketing goodness.

The morning saw keynotes and longer presentations with the afternoon seeing the event get split into “Tracks” with up to 4 sessions running simultaneously in different rooms. Adobe had timetables printed around the event and were also pushing for their “Symposium” app to help plan your day. I attended various sessions on analytics, governance, mobile, cross-channel marketing and found the speakers (most of them) to be fantastic.

Adobe showed off some new technologies they've been working on dubbed "Sneaks". Most were pretty cool!

Adobe showed off some new technologies they’ve been working on dubbed “Sneaks”. Most were pretty cool!

The day ended with some demonstrations of new features coming soon to the Adobe Creative/Marketing platform known as “sneaks” with some more impressive than others.

Overall, it was a great day out and caught up with a few attendees of the event (including some colleagues of mine) to see what they thought of it and learn what their biggest takeaways were. Their responses vary and are quite interesting!

Kevin Dam


kevin-dam-profile-pic1. What were you hoping to get out of the day, and did you get it?
Having already been at the first Adobe Symposium in 2012 I knew what the Adobe Marketing Cloud was capable of, but wanted to see what else they had improved on. I came away feeling impressed (yet again) at how easily they’ve made the work flow and interactions between teams, truly living up to their goal of breaking down the siloed departments. The simplicity of viewing the data (Adobe Marketing Cloud is basically your data warehouse) and being able define actions as a result of gathering insights is invaluable.

2. What was the glass shattering moment for you?
#DAMVideo! #boomdata was cool, for the fact of the drag and drop, but the data visualisation is nothing new either. What I really liked was the predictive analytics and machine learning that we’ll be able to easily take advantage of to help us create better targeted campaigns.

3. Where do you think the marketing/digital landscape is moving towards?
We knew about big data in 2012, 2013 is more of that. For 2014 I’m looking forward to seeing more gamification being used by brands, use of the golden circle (start with why), and a trend towards geo-location based campaigns & semantic search

Dino Bernardo


dino-bernado-profile-pic1. What were you hoping to get out of the day, and did you get it?
I was there to learn all about Adobe Marketing Cloud. But at the same time, I was there to see what problems their software was trying to solve (or what processes they improved). In that sense, it was a fantastic, as every module and feature of AMC was a great though-starter for various parts of our own Global Business partnerships, such as whether we were truly in an analytics mindset, how we can break down information silos within the team, what activities can we create as processes for external members of the team to increase our own productivity, etc.

2. What was the glass shattering moment for you?
Not any single moment, but rather multiple moments wherein every single activity was simplified to make collaboration extremely easy and productive (but still provide insights based on hard data, and highlight extremely powerful actionables) – whether it was data anomaly alerts, drag and drop functionality, automatically giving insights on where best to allocate marketing spend, etc.

3. Where do you think the marketing/digital landscape is moving towards?
Wearable technology, and the innovations in digital marketing that stem from that, is probably closer to becoming mainstream than most people think. I see it as the natural evolution of mobile and location-based services.

Olivia Herlambang-Tham


olivia-twitter-profile1. What were you hoping to get out of the day, and did you get it?
Hands-on techniques, interactive learning experience. No – It would have been better if they could turn the evening session into interactive learning sessions, having the audience trialling the new Adobe Marketing Cloud and  have the pricing information handy + Adobe evangelists ready to help answer questions about how we can integrate this amazing solution with current marketing systems we use at work.

2. What was the glass shattering moment for you?
Social media phenomenon. It’s no longer enough for companies to simply launch a new marketing idea, businesses have to be relevant in their communities, listen to conversations and create two-way messaging and marketing programs.

3. Where do you think the marketing/digital landscape is moving towards?
Social media.

Adrian Ciaschetti


adrian-ciaschetti-profile-pic1. What were you hoping to get out of the day, and did you get it?
I wanted to gain insight into how large corporations are collecting and using analytics data to make better business decisions through digital marketing. And I definitely did get that insight. These corporations are leveraging the analytical power of Adobe Marketing Cloud to gain a more holistic view of their marketing efforts, and understand what makes their customers tick online. More importantly, they have the mindset that digital needs to sit at the core of their entire business, not just as a bolt on to a few marketing campaigns. The corporations that presented on the day all have this mindset, and are seeing astronomical results.

2. What was the glass shattering moment for you?
The integration of different digital channels into a single platform blew me away. Being able to process data from social media, conversion testing, search and paid traffic, offline traffic, and other sources, to identify opportunities and provide predictions of what marketing effort will work best is a huge advantage over other analytics platforms.

3. Where do you think the marketing/digital landscape is moving towards?
I think it’s moving from us having to look for information, to information being delivered to us based on our preferences and traits. I imagine walking through the city and having product sales flash up on my Google Glass.

Matthew Forzan


1. What were you hoping to get out of the day, and did you get it?matthew-forzan-twitter-profile-pic
Having never been to an Adobe conference, I was keen to see what kind of show they’d put on and how the event was organised. I find that regardless of the quality of events, you can always learn something from the way they’re run as well as the way people present. I wanted to learn more about Adobe products as well as learn about innovations, challenges and successes in digital marketing from big brands such as CBA and SEEK. I was also keen to meet with different attendees and understand why they were there and what they got out of it (hence this post!). The event definitely ticked all my boxes.

2. What was the glass shattering moment for you?
I’d never seen the Adobe Creative/Marketing Cloud so that in itself was pretty impressive. The new product demos known as “sneaks” were pretty awesome too with so much cool tech/amalgamation of data. The fact that most of the demos were done from an iPad was pretty impressive too. Coming from an “old-school” web-development background of “write code, upload to server, refresh browser” seeing the products work in real-time with drag and drop features as standard, automatic split testing and built in personas etc. made me realise how far we’ve come and how powerful the software is.

3. Where do you think the marketing/digital landscape is moving towards?
It’s always been important to measure things and have as much data as possible to be able to make decisions. Whilst this data was previously only available to analysts who knew how to turn it into information, it’s becoming more and more accessible to marketing officers and digital managers. This allows brands to be much more competitive and creative with their campaigns then in previous times as almost everything can be measured/improved. Throw in the social media aspect of our generation and you have more data than ever before that companies can use to give users what they want.

Thank you to all the contributors for taking the time to contribute to this post!

How did you find the Adobe Symposium? Want to answer the same questions as these guys and get featured on this post? Hit me up via Twitter (@MatthewForzan) and we’ll work something out!

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