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Digital Analytics Fundamentals

November 3, 2013

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Last week I spent a bit of time freshening up on my Google Analytics knowledge in preparation for the “Digital Analytics Fundamentals” short course by Justin Cutroni and the Google Analytics team. The course consists of 6 “Units” encompassing all things from analysis techniques, attribution modelling, KPIs, filters, goals, reports plus much more and has a short exam at the end for which you get a certificate for should you pass (see below).

Digital Analytics Fundamentals Certificate

The certificate I was presented with after completing the course.

I must admit that even though I’ve used their software extensively over the years, there was much I had forgotten and learnt a bunch of stuff too!

The course ended on October 30 however the information is still available on the Digital Analytics Fundamentals site here and you can still take the exam if you wish. I highly recommend the course to anyone who is new to the platform and anyone who, like myself, feels like they could use a bit of a refresher!

Header image source: Google Analytics Training & Certification

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