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Love dark mode on your operating system but hate it in Chrome? Same. Unfortunately, Chrome hasn’t yet added any ability for users to easily toggle this on and off and as such Chrome will always replicate whatever the operating system theme is. If it’s light, Chrome will be light – if dark, well you get […]


I Wrote a Plugin

April 29, 2020

It’s been a hell of a long time since I’ve done anything with this site. Too long, actually. Between running an agency and life itself I’ve been keeping pretty busy in recent years. Nothin’ like a pandemic to kick me back into gear huh? A big reason why this site was left to rest for […]

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Google Formalises Robots Exclusion Protocol

July 25, 2019

After 25 years, the Robots Exclusion Protocol (REP) will finally become a standard. If you are a webmaster or search specialist and haven’t heard of this protocol before, you’d almost definitely be familiar with robots.txt files – small lines of text that sit in a single file at the root of a domain to help […]

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Google Announces Site Diversity Change To Search Results

June 17, 2019

Users of Google have long complained that performing certain queries would sometimes display multiple listings from the same domain, in effect creating somewhat of an unfair playing field. Now, Google has announced they’ve changed the way the search results are displayed to be more “diverse”, effectively allowing for a greater mix of properties to be […]

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Advice From Mark Bouris On Decision-Making, Partnerships & Purpose

June 13, 2019

Last week, the Club of United Business (CUB) hosted an intimate interview with Mark Bouris, an Australian entrepreneur best known for Wizard Home Loans, Yellow Brick Road and as the star of The Apprentice Australia TV show. Daniel Hakim, the founder of CUB, hosted a candid live discussion with Mark for 45 minutes to an […]

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Track Google My Business Traffic In Analytics

May 31, 2017

“What gets measured, gets managed” – Peter Drucker Do you have a Google My Business listing? You know, these things:     If you’re like most, then visits to your website via your map listing will be simply tracked as “Organic” in your Google Analytics profile, leaving you with no way to attribute traffic and sales to […]

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How To Update Google My Business Seasonal Hours

May 14, 2017

If you’ve got a traditional “bricks and mortar” location, it’s critical to ensure your trading hours are kept up-to-date within the Google My Business platform. With many users relying on the results Google shows them when searching for such information, you’ll want to make sure that potential visitors see when you’re open and closed so they […]

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Build An A/B Testing Strategy With Heat Maps

March 8, 2017

Only two truths exist in the world of digital marketing: The consumer is always right. They know what they want, and if you don’t deliver it they’ll simply go elsewhere Data doesn’t lie. Understanding what your potential customers actually want is far better than understanding what you think they want. Therefore, it stands to reason that to […]

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Search Console Data Arrives in Keyword Planner

August 24, 2016

I was about to call it a night when I saw this tweet from Alec Bertram:   You might not ever see a Keyword Planner in Search Console; but you can now see Search Console in Keyword Planner — Alec Bertram (@KiwiAlec) August 23, 2016 Naturally, I was pretty keen to get it connected, […]

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